Applicants Day

Potential Gray’s students recently visited the school to find out more about life at the school, what to expect, what they will learn and to get a feel for the community here. The day started with a presentation from Craig Ellis who is the Head of First Year called a day in the life where he covered all aspect of the student experience and what it is like to join the school and become an art student in Aberdeen.

The potential students where then separated into the subject areas they applied to so they could get a greater insight into individual courses from the course leaders themselves, while this was going on any parents who came along where taken on a tour of the school by Deputy Head Libby Curtis who also gave an overview of what students gain from their time here.

Day in the life lecture Day in the life lecture

Craig Ellis shares his enthusiasm for the art school experience.Day in the life lecture

Potential painting students find out more about the course from course leader Kieth Grant.

Applicants day Painting Applicants day Painting

Applicants day PaintingApplicants day Painting

Head of Fashion and Textiles Josie Stead talks students through the details of the course.

Applicants day Fashion & Textiles

Applicants day Fashion & Textiles

Textiles tutor Charlie Hackett shows examples of student work from the sketchbook through to finished work.Applicants day Fashion & Textiles Head of Design Lenny Smith tours the workshop facilities with potential 3D Design students.  Applicants day 3D Design

Head of Fine Art Allan Watson discusses the Contemporary Art Practice course.Applicants day CAP Applicants day CAP

Parents tour the school with Deputy Head Libby Curtis.Applicants day Parents tour

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