Drawing Cake

First year had to stretch their baking muscles as they were each tasked with baking a cake and bringing it to a day long drawing class where the subject would be other students cakes, the day of course ending with the cakes being eaten in a mass tea party. Unsurprisingly the spirit of the day was entered into enthusiastically by the students as they eyed up which example of baking they wanted to sample first from behind their drawing boards.

IMG_9591 IMG_9596 IMG_9598 IMG_9605 IMG_9606 IMG_9612 IMG_9617 IMG_9620 IMG_9640 IMG_9648 IMG_9664 IMG_9682 IMG_9688 IMG_9707 IMG_9772 IMG_9775 IMG_9798 IMG_9805 IMG_9811 IMG_9820 IMG_9823 IMG_9830 IMG_9834 IMG_9836 IMG_9842

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