Hard Ground – Printmaking Pre-Degree Show

HardGround (with logos)

The obsession for making is a powerful force of nature.

In the midst of putting together a body of work for exhibition, the search to articulate ideas and philosophies can be all consuming.

You have no choice.

When you go to sleep you notice images projected on the inside of your eyelids. Your brain will not allow you to stop and you become alert to any and all possibilities for your work. You are constantly considering hierarchy between concept, context and process. The morning cannot come quick enough.

This acute state of mind is an important piece of the jigsaw for an art student. An articulation of a visual educational journey that starts at art school but that never really stops and maybe only gets more difficult after graduation and beyond.

The strength of this exhibition lies in the breadth of thought and innovation with media through fine art printmaking practice. A creative practice that is underpinned and celebrated within the city of Aberdeen through Peacock Visual Arts and Grays School of Art. A historical fingerprint that keeps flourishing and evolving to question the demands of contemporary life, culture and technology.

Presented here is a collection of gifted artists and people at the formative stage of their careers testing the diversity of their ideas and artefacts to a wider critical audience.

I would like to believe there is something here for everyone who experiences this work. That making, thinking and presentation are not seen as being mutually exclusive; and that when the viewer goes to sleep tonight they can have at least one indelible image to conjure with.

I am confident you will not be disappointed.

Michael Agnew.

Subject Leader in Printmaking.

Contemporary Art Practice.

Grays School of Art.


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