X TEN – Installation View

X TEN opened last Monday and is a fantastic showcase of the high level and diversity of skill held by the technical staff here at Gray’s. The exhibition is of personal work from the technical staff either showing their own personal practices or work made using techniques available to all students within the workshops. The show brings into sharp relief the vibrancy and high level of work being produced by the staff at the school which in turn benefits the students as all technical staff are operating at the highest levels of there disciplines.

The show is open to the public, information on opening times can be found here.

Abigaile Fraser

Studio Photography

IMG_0518 copyIMG_0622 copy IMG_0519 copy

Anne Campbell

Darkroom PhotographyIMG_0520 copy IMG_0522 copy IMG_0523 copy IMG_0613 copy IMG_0616 copy IMG_0619 copy

Anne Campbell & Callum Kellie

Collaborative Work

IMG_0482 copy IMG_0483 copy

Callum Kellie

Audio Visual

IMG_0471 copy IMG_0475 copy IMG_0480 copy IMG_0478 copy

Gavin Burnett

Ceramics & GlassIMG_0536 copy IMG_0589 copy IMG_0590 copy IMG_0598 copy IMG_0597 copy IMG_0595 copy IMG_0591 copy

Helen Love

Glass & CeramicsIMG_0554 copy IMG_0560 copy IMG_0545 copy IMG_0549 copyIMG_0547 copy

Jill Duncan

JewelleryIMG_0608 copy IMG_0607 copy IMG_0606 copy IMG_0541 copy

Lorraine Sneddon

Constructed TextilesIMG_0525 copyIMG_0535 copy IMG_0534 copy IMG_0532 copy IMG_0530 copy IMG_0528 copy

Malcolm McKie

SculptureIMG_0512 copy IMG_0500 copy IMG_0489 copy

Phil Chaplain

Chief Technical Officer

IMG_0550 copyIMG_0582 copy IMG_0571 copy IMG_0565 copy IMG_0564 copy IMG_0563 copy IMG_0562 copy

Robin Wilson

Printed TextilesIMG_0467 copy IMG_0466 copy

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