UP Animations

Recently stage 2 Communictaion Design Students have been working on a live animation brief for the Urquhart Partnership, they were set the task of creating short fun animations that typified what UP do with a view that the best animation would be used on the Urquhart Partnership’s homepage. This is the first animation projects the students have undertaken and they were instructed to use paper cut outs as a technique. The technique whilst may seem limiting to begin with is simple and a great place to start learning the basic principles of animation, and as you can see simple does not necessarily mean low quality with a high standard of work visible across all the animations. The students worked in groups of five to tight deadlines whilst managing other projects and briefs, they then presented their team efforts to the Urquhart Partnership talking the client through the development process and how they team made each of their animations.

Now the animations are completed the plan is for them to go live and for clients of the Urquhart Partnership will vote on their favorite and for the winner to take pride of place on the companies homepage. This is the second year the Urquhart Partnership has supported the Visual Design courses here at Gray’s and this year builds on the already strong relationship between the school and UP.


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  1. […] If you’re unable to make it along to the show, then you can of course take a quick peek at the collection of UP animations over on the Gray’s School of Art blog! […]

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