Stage 2 & 3 Fashion Show

Stage two and three from Fashion working with the Fashion management course from the Business school have been collaborating on a project that recently culminated in a fashion show that was held at Trinity Hall, the home of The Seven Incorporated trades of Aberdeen. The show was supported by the The Seven Incorporated trades of Aberdeen with them opening their doors to allow the students the use of their amazing venue. the hall served as the perfect backdrop for all their hard work.

Their were eight collections on show with a great diversity of styles and originality present, it was a great insight in to what is to come from these students who are only halfway through their journey here at Gray’s.

IMG_3364 IMG_3518 IMG_3515 IMG_3508 IMG_3505 IMG_3495 IMG_3493 IMG_3487 IMG_3483 IMG_3481 IMG_3478 IMG_3474 IMG_3466 IMG_3455 IMG_3452 IMG_3449 IMG_3443 IMG_3439 IMG_3437 IMG_3433 IMG_3428 IMG_3421 IMG_3418 IMG_3415 IMG_3409 IMG_3406 IMG_3403 IMG_3400 IMG_3397 IMG_3391 IMG_3388 IMG_3379 IMG_3376 IMG_3367

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