The Build – Part 1

Full schedule

The Degree Show Build is now over, the students have left the building, there is no more to be done.

All the hard work, sleepless nights, blood sweat and tears have been shed but the build is over. Now the academic staff with assistance from external moderators assess the fruits of the students labours before deciding on what level of Degree the work warrants. Once that has been done the students return to learn their fates, they have one day to make any adjustments to their shows before the big opening night when the show is opened to the public and the art school hosts one huge party to blow off the steam that has been building the past few months.

But what happens during the build? what actually goes into making a degree show?


When the art school is during term time it looks like this.

The Build is a three week period where all the class rooms or as we call them studios are emptied of furniture, walls are built and painted and floors stripped and polished. The students then hold an exhibition of their work which is representative of them as artists and designers showcasing the skills they have learned during he four years they have spent at the school. needless to say this is a huge undertaking to turn the building from and art school to a gallery in less than a month, luckily the students have a experienced body of staff to guide them through this hectic period.

So to allow people to better understand the scale of undertaking in between exhibition building the school photography technician Abigaile Fraser has been documenting the process and heres part one of the Build.

cleaning the floor team work

Walls are stripped and holes and signs of past shows are filled.prepping walls prepping painting studios  C Floor doors Final Work waiting to be hung

Works is removed from studios

First year hall painted

And the walls are painted clean and white

Next the students hang their work and make final selections of what will make it into the show with help from the tutors, but that will have to wait for part two.

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