The Build – Part 2

1st Floor landing final touches

The walls are built, the paint is dry and the work is back from the Framers, time to hang a show.

So the hang isn’t necessarily as straight forward as hanging some pictures on the wall, with the breadth of work possible here at Gray’s work might range from wall based like paintings and framed prints, to sculpture and installation all the way to performance art or even a fashion show. This means that many spaces are tailored to a students individual needs based on their work and how they want their show to be. Students are guided through these decisions and the process of editing a years worth of work into a cohesive show by their tutors. Work is tweaked and polished, hanging or installation methods finalized and when all is ready then and only then do the students hang the work on the wall or complete an installation.

It also goes without saying that exhibition making is a skill in itself from the selection and editing to the physical hanging and joinery that can be required. To help the students there is a body of very experienced technical staff to advise students on best practice or to complete any heavy building allowing students to focus on their work.  When all this is done the spaces are cleared, the school has a spring clean then all is quiet, whilst the difficult process of assessing this herculean amount of work begins. With academics from all departments and moderators from other schools ensuring the grading of the work is fair and balanced across all the art schools. Then all that is left is for the students to get their results and for the opening night which is one massive party and for the public to come and admire the students efforts over the following week.

So make sure you come and see the show now you appreciate the amount of hard workand effort the students put into it, for more details visits our Events Page.


last minute jobs

 Laura making final adjustments

Works is tweaked and finished

hanging textiles laying out supporting work  Technical staff key to the build

Technical staff with an almost inexhaustible range of skills and experience are on handeverything stops for tea

Everything stops for tea!

ready for the opening rails waiting for garments

preparing for the walls Communication design broad spread of work   hive of activity Students given space to pursue their interests final advise before hanging work

staff help students through the build Stocking up decisions S just there final touches first time seeing the work in a gallery enviroment  suspended work preparing sketchbooks haning work

last minute tweaks

Tutors and Graduates in Residence advise and assist students all the way through the Buildtutors support and advise

just there perfect large walls to fill

hanginh the show Haiku in the quad

The range of work on show is truly vastready for the wall installation

ready to go 

Ready to be hungdiscussion with tutors printed tea bags prepating work

So make sure you come and see the show! For more details visits our Events Page.

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  1. anne macleod says:

    looking forward to it

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