Ebb & Flow

The ebb and flow of the River Dee inspired Turriff student Fiona Robertson to create a clay and porcelain exhibition for display at the Gray’s School of Art annual Degree Show.

Fiona Robertson - Degree Show 1Fiona (22) has been fascinated by the river from an early age due to family connections in the Braemar area and has used a number of creative techniques for her final year project.

The former Turriff Academy pupil has been studying Three Dimensional Design at Gray’s and has used materials from the River Dee to create her exhibition.

Fiona said: “I examined the area around the river and created a number of visual representations of how it flows and manipulates the landscape. By exploring the constructive and destructive forces of the river my pieces capture its movement and power.”

Sand Fiona collected from the river has been used to create her stoneware pieces and she also used fabrics to create ripple effects in the porcelain designs.

Fiona added: “I was keen to try something I’d never done before for my final year project and focusing on the river was a logical choice given the connection I’ve had with it over the years. I’ve experimented with a number of new techniques and materials for my exhibition and I’m very pleased with the results.”

Fiona will graduate with a BA (Hons) in Three Dimensional Design from Robert Gordon University in July and aims to pursue a career as a primary school teacher where she hopes to pass on her love of art and design to school pupils.

Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2013, sponsored by BP, showcased a plethora of undergraduate talent across a range of disciplines including 3D and product design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fashion and textiles, graphics, digital media, visual communication, photography and electronic media.

Release by
Ross Anderson
Communications Officer | Health and Sport

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