Time for Tea

The symbolic importance of tea cups and typewriters was celebrated by Lhanbryde student Kirstyn Fordyce at the annual Gray’s School of Art Degree Show in Aberdeen.

Kirstyn Fordyce - Degree Show 2Kirstyn (22) designed her final year project at Gray’s to showcase traditional items which are beginning to disappear or lose relevance in the twenty-first century.

The former Milne’s High School pupil, who has been studying printmaking at Gray’s, aimed to highlight the beginnings of a ‘throw away’ culture where few tangible items retain any importance in society.

Kirstyn said: “For my final year project I decided to salvage vulnerable objects in a bid to stop them from becoming redundant in the digital era. Society is beginning to neglect and fail to see the value and beauty within objects such as old cameras and typewriters as well as the humble tea cup. My hope is that by placing them within a fresh art context they can become significant in a new environment.”

As the centrepiece of her exhibition Kirstyn embedded dozens of cups and saucers, with used tea bags, as well as half a chair into a display wall.

She said: “I decided to focus on cups of tea as they represent one of the occasions where we still meet other people face-to-face and share a laugh and a joke with our family and friends. It isn’t always like that now with the advent of text messages and social media.

“The cups I used were all sourced from charity shops so will have stories of their own from their previous owners. Tea bags are usually always discarded after use but I have highlighted them specifically in my work as a reminder of countless moments shared around the world with those who are closest to us.”

Kirstyn, who will graduate from Robert Gordon University (RGU) with a BA (Hons) in Printmaking in July, wants to pursue a career in the art world and aims to gain a postgraduate degree in art teaching.

Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2013, sponsored by BP, showcased a plethora of undergraduate talent across a range of disciplines including 3D and product design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fashion and textiles, graphics, digital media, visual communication, photography and electronic media.

Release by
Ross Anderson
Communications Officer | Health and Sport

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