Painting 2013 Degree Show

Vivian Ross-Smith

VivianRoss-Smith1 VivianRoss-Smith2 VivianRoss-Smith3

Stuart NobleStuartNoble1 StuartNoble3 StuartNoble2

Grant McNicollGrantMcNicoll1 GrantMcNicoll2 GrantMcNicoll3

Sharron BonnarsharronBonnar1 sharronBonnar2 sharronBonnar3Amy Brown

amybrown5814 amybrown5818 amybrown5822

Jen BradleyJen Bradley1 Jen bradley2 JenBradley3TomaszWrobel

TomaszWrobel1 TomaszWrobel2 TomaszWrobel3

Rachel CurrieRachelCurrie1 RachelCurrie2 RachelCurrie3

Thomas HeitlerThomasHeitler1 ThomasHeitler2 ThomasHeitler3Robyn Boyle

Robyn Boyle1 Robyn Boyle2 Robyn Boyle3

Karen RennieKarenRennie1 KarenRennie2 KarenRennie3Annirose Ansbro

AnniroseAnsbro1 AnniroseAnsbro7

Laura McGlincheyLauraMcGlinchey1 LauraMcGlinchey2 LauraMcGlinchey3

Arianna MoranAriannaMoran1 AriannaMoran2 AriannaMoran3Catriona Bishop

CatrionaBishop1 CatrionaBishop2 CatrionaBishop3Emma Rogers

Emma Rogers1 Emma Rogers2 Emma Rogers3

Fiona McCubbinFionaMcCubbin1 FionaMcCubbin2 FionaMcCubbin3Jon Nicolson

JonNicolson1 JonNicolson2 JonNicolson3

David McDiarmidDavidMcDiarmid1 DavidMcDiarmid2 DavidMcDiarmid3

Jamie Steele

JamieSteele3JamieSteele1 JamieSteele2



  1. Reblogged this on Vivian Ross-Smith and commented:
    Grays School of Art Blog showing the Grays School of Art Painting Degree Show. Well done class of 2013!

  2. One of my favourite Degree Shows for a long time – excellent work. 🙂

  3. N.G. says:

    These pieces are fantastic – what a brilliant year for painters!

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