Communication Design 2013 Degree Show


Hall2 Hall4 Hall3

Alex Love

Alex Love 1 Alex Love 2

Anastasija SoldatenkoAnastasija Soldatenko1 Anastasija Soldatenko2

Anna Vahromejeva

Anna Vahromejeva1 Anna Vahromejeva2

Danielle Howe

DanielleHowe2 DanielleHowe1

Danielle McCann

DanielleMcCann1 DanielleMcCann2

Gail Gibb

GailGibb1 GailGibb2

Grant Sinclair

Grant Sinclair 2 Grant Sinclair1

Grant Anderson

GrantAnderson1 Grantanderson2

Jennifer Smith

JenniferSmith1 JenniferSmith2

Jessika Shaw

JessikaShaw1 JessikaShaw2

Kamilya Tultabayeva

KamilyaTultabayeva1 KamilyaTultabayeva2

Kurtis McDonald

KurtisMcDonald1 KurtisMcDonald2

Laura Phiminster

LauraPhiminster1 LauraPhiminster2

Lindsay Allison

LindsayAllison1 LindsayAllison2

Lorna Glencross


Marco Bevilacqua MarcoBevilacqua2MarcoBevilacqua1

Megan Wood

MeganWood1 MeganWood2

Michael Ridley

Michael Ridley1 Michael Ridley2

Michael Loudon

MichaelLoudon1 MichaelLoudon2

Neil McKenzie

NeilMcKenzie1 NeilMcKenzie2

Rachel Dixon

RachelDixon1 RachelDixon2

Rachel Furness

RachelFurness1 RachelFurness2

Robyn Hasler

RobynHasler1 RobynHasler2

Ruaraidh Cable

RuaraidhCable1 RuaraidhCable2

Scott Henderson

ScottHenderson1 ScottHenderson2

Stacey Geddes

StaceyGeddes1 StaceyGeddes2

Steven Bremner

StevenBremner1 StevenBremner2

Susannah Leake

Susannah Leake1 Susannah Leake2

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