3D Design Degree Show 2013

Yvette Estelle Jeffrey

Yvette Estelle Jeffrey 1 Yvette Estelle Jeffrey 2

Yasmin Ross

Yasmin ross 2 Yasmin ross 1

Vicki Shennan

Vicki Shennan 2 Vicki Shennan 1

Tina McGregor-Robertson

Tina McGregor-Robertson 2 Tina McGregor-Robertson 1

Marina Georgopoulou

Marina Georgopoulou 2 Marina Georgopoulou 1

Laura Williams Laura Williams 1 Laura Williams 2

Kathryn Duncan

Kathryn Duncan 2 Kathryn Duncan 1

Josephine O’Neil

Josephine O'Neil 2 Josephine O'Neil 1

Jessica Barr Jessica Barr 2 Jessica Barr 1

Jamie Louise McIntosh

Jamie Louise McIntosh 2 Jamie Louise McIntosh 1

Glen Clydesdale

Glen Clydesdale 2 Glen Clydesdale 1

Fiona Robertson

Fiona Robertson 2 Fiona Robertson 1

Deborah Joan Hall

Deborah Joan Hall 2 Deborah Joan Hall 1

Anna Paterson

Anna Paterson 1 Anna Paterson  2

Alexie Macleod

Alexie Macleod 2 Alexie Macleod 1



1 Comment

  1. Maureen Jeffrey says:

    fantastic designs well done to all very impressive enjoyed browsing through them all

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