Sculpture Degree Show 2013

Natalie Kerr

Natalie Kerr 2 Natalie Kerr 1

Melissa Arcaro

Melissa Arcaro 2 Melissa Arcaro 1

Marina Burt

Marina Burt 2 Marina Burt 1Laura Reilly

Laura Reilly 2 Laura Reilly 1

Laura GallacherLaura Gallacher 1 Laura Gallacher  2

Kyle Howie

Kyle Howie 2 Kyle Howie 1

Jitka Zabkova

Jitka Zabkova 2 Jitka Zabkova 1

Conor Baird

Conor Baird 2 Conor Baird 1

Catriona Gailey

Catriona Gailey 2 Catriona Gailey 1

Brenda Jefferies

Brenda Jefferies 2 Brenda Jefferies 1

Ashley Mcnaughton

Ashley Mcnaughton 2 Ashley Mcnaughton 1

Alexander Champion

AlexanderChampion 2 AlexanderChampion 1

1 Comment

  1. I visited the RSA last night and came across the Marina Burt installation and was amazed! It was truly fascinating and beautiful. I had to keep returning to see the silk moths moving as it was fascinating. It is the most unusual and beguiling thing I’ve ever seen in a gallery. Very well done to Marina!

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