Naomi Mcintosh

s.o.p 4

Thursday 14th November 2013 at 1.00pm
Scott Sutherland building Lecture Theatre SB42

Naomi Mcintosh uses jewellery to reveal the landscape of the body. The structural and precise pieces investigate how volumes, patterns, planes and forms that surround the surface of the skin are seen. They look organic because of the choice of materials used and the combinations of influences, which is an interesting contrast because of the technology and processes. She juxtaposes architectural methodologies and drawing conventions with qualities generated from drawings.

She investigates the relationship between the body, objects and the spaces that surround them by producing jewellery related objects that relate to the surface of the skin on and off the body. The works are ‘Wearable Drawings’ and she use planes and cross sections to suggest forms and capture volumes, transforming 2D surfaces into 3D objects. When worn the jewellery has a synchronicity with the wearer as it relates, outlines and reshapes profiles.

Naomi exhibits and sells different ranges of work internationally in galleries as well as design and museum shops. Naomi recently undertook a residency at Cove Park, Scotland, and was selected for the Craft Council UK’s Hothouse programme 2013.

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