HAMISH MORRISON GALERIE, Friedrichstraße 232, 10969 BERLIN

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, 19th November – Tuesday, 10th December 2013

Hero, 2012. Oil on Canvas. 121 x 100cm.

Gray’s School of Art Painting Lecturer Andrew Cranston’s latest exhibition presents seen and possible actualities, credible and absurd. Realism re-arranged. Painting is a kind of beautiful way of lying, and Cranston’s work affirms a belief in painting as a real kind of fiction. He is a storyteller of sorts and he takes the premise of fiction as a starting point. The notion that like the writer he can explore feelings, thoughts, scenarios, characters and none of them might be about him, some might be though.

Liza Dimbleby writes; “In Hero a flaccid figure sits slumped on top of a massive swollen shape – egg, world or rock. The body is forlorn, middle aged, tattooed across the shoulders the words REAL LIFE. The pathetic cipher that is our waking life sits just managing to keep on top of this vast excrescent boulder of paint and dirt and hairs and varnish. Varnish pools, seeps and bulges, catching dust and hair, yellowish smears; containing its detritus like a perverse amber, a pustulent cyst. This is the stuff from which paintings are made. This brute impenetrable mass is the whole stubborn indeterminacy of everything that remains hidden from us; the inchoate world that we hardly fathom yet remain bound to. We can only hope to hold our ground; we are unable to escape it. We suspect it to be more powerful than us. Its half-deciphered contents remain suspended in the murky resistance of resin.”

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