flyerA mix of recent graduates, current students and members of staff have been invited to take part in an exhibition being hosted by ECA’s Painting Department, with the work being displayed in the College of Art’s magnificent Sculpture Court and Balcony. The exhibition runs form Friday 22nd November through to Monday 9th December.

The show aims to explore the various roles that modelmaking plays within the artist’s practice. How they are made, appropriated, and used as an inspiration or tool; or alternatively, how they can become stand alone pieces of work in their own right.

The College has been able to draw on the outstanding collections of models held by The University of Edinburgh as well as those of invited individuals, such as Nicholas Oddy from The Glasgow School of Art’s faculty of Historical and Critical Studies who is displaying a unique collection of model railway signals. A number of the exhibiting artist’s have also contributed models used in the making of work on display in the exhibition.

Eight students and staff from Grays are participating in the show including two of last years graduates David McDiarmid and Stuart Noble, 4th year Painters Catherine Ross, Jon Whitson and Max Boyla, 3rd year Emily Hill and Painting members of staff Keith Grant and Andrew Cranston.


  1. D Maass says:

    Interesting show. Pity ECA has not seen fit to publicise it in any way whatsoever. Nothing in exhibitions listings, not even a poster outside the college.

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