food Chiasma 2014


The food sector is undergoing significant change in the face of great challenges.  Whilst consumers are increasingly sophisticated, seeking wider varieties and types of food than ever before, recent rises in the price of food are encouraging many to pay greater attention to value for money.  The sector has also been rocked by scandals such as the horsemeat scandal, leaving consumers questioning the sources and dynamics of the food chain.  These changes coupled with growing awareness and concerns about issues in food waste and sustainability create new opportunities in a food sector where consumers are moving towards ‘considered consumption’.

This Chiasma workshop will focus upon issues in the changing environment of food production, retail and consumption, to explore how best the sector can capitalise on ‘considered consumption’.  In doing so, it will provide a forum for food producers, consumers and retailers to converge with designers and academics to develop creative solutions to benefit from these far reaching changes.  Following the Chiasma, the new teams will be encouraged to continue to work together and can apply for funding of up to £20,000 to develop the idea to market.

After the 2013 Food Chiasma, new start-up company Beer52 received funding from Design in Action and through the innovative use of design, their product has become amongst the fastest selling to be listed on Groupon.  If you are a Designer, Business or Academic looking for a new project we would love to hear from you.

Date: 5pm, Wed 30th April 2014 – 4pm, Fri 2nd May 2014
Location/Accommodation: DoubleTree by Hilton, Dundee

Cost: 2.5 days committed engagement (food / accommodation provided)
Closing date for applications: 4pm, Monday 17th March 2014

You can apply online now

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