4th Year Painting. Interim Exhibition. 2014.

Pre-Degree Show Poster

4th Year Painting students showcased their work at the Annual Interim exhibition in Edinburgh last Friday night.

Interim Opening 2014

The exhibition was a huge success with representatives from ECA and the cities FE colleges among the large gathering at the opening.

It is the fourth consecutive year that the event has been held at St Margaret House, offering the public the chance to view the students work before their Degree Show in June.

Hugh Stewart

Keith Grant, Head of Painting at Gray’s, said that the show not only provides an opportunity for the students to showcase their work, but also for the audience to get a sense of the range of work currently being produced in the department.

He said: “It can be difficult for a student in their Honours year to gain perspective on how their work is progressing, when the only opportunity they have to make a critical judgement takes place within the confines of their studio. “It is for this reason that the exhibition is so important for the students, coming as it does at such an significant juncture in the academic year.”

Jana JiraskovaPainting student Jana Jiraskova (who’s work is displayed on the left)  said: “This is a transitional stage for us, before our final graduation and emergence into the art world and is an opportunity to gain relevant skills and experience relating to professional practice”.

The students organise all aspects of the exhibition themselves and for many of them it will be the first time that they have exhibited a piece of their own work in a gallery situation.

The Exhibition continues until Saturday, March 1. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 7 pm, and 12pm to 7pm at weekends.

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