Neil Gall

Guests @ Gray's

Neil Gall 9.3.12_-29

Thursday 13th March 2014 at 1.00pm
Scott Sutherland building Lecture Theatre SB42

Neil Gall is a painter based in London, working with a number of processes including modelling, assemblage, photography and painting. He received his BA in painting at Gray’s School of Art and then attended Slade School of Art in London in 1991. He shows his work internationally and  has received numerous awards including the Abby Major Award in 1993 from The British School at Rome, the Jerwood Painting Prize in 1999, he was also the artist in residence at Durham Cathedral in 1993.

In a practice that incorporates assemblage, painting, collage, and sculpture, Neil derives ambiguous narratives from eerily sensual constructions of mundane objects. Made from ribbons, ping pong balls, tape, hot glue, and the like, Gall’s abstract models form the basis for his explorations in other mediums. He photographs these models, shredding the images into collages and…

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