Gray’s students get a move on in March

Seven students, past and present, from Gray’s School of Art will be centre stage of an Aberdeen dance and performance festival this weekend.

Gray's School of ArtSculpture students Daniel Massie, Kirsten Clark, Ann Marie Coll, Haidee Bain, Eilidh McCormick and Veronika Nëunka will join graduates Conor Baird and Laura Reilly in ‘Promenade: The Moment has to Arrive’, as part of March Moves.

It is the second year Gray’s students have been involved in the event, which will feature a mix of work including a collaborative piece using sewing and group participation to create physical produce and an immersive installation. It will take place on Sunday, March 16, at 5pm at the Citymoves dance studio.

Fourth year student Daniel Massie (22) was involved last year and has taken on a curatorial role for this year’s event. He said: “I’m excited to have taken on this role, which is useful in giving me a different perspective and genuinely helps me develop different and necessary skills.

“Being familiar with the space is a real positive, as it’s all about using the space in an unexpected way to give new life to the work and the space as a whole. I personally use performance frequently in my work so it’s a great opportunity to take it out of the art school environment and into the real world.”

He added: “There is a really dynamic mix of people involved in the event so the work is very, very varied. It’s perhaps not conventional for the space but it’s definitely exciting.

“It is really positive for RGU, its students and Aberdeen in general to have this ongoing dialogue of creative work through events like March Moves – if people are passionate and make it happen, there’s sure to be an audience for it.”

March Moves will also come into RGU’s Garthdee campus on Wednesday, March 19, when a pop dance event will take place in the new Riverside East building.

Ruth Mills will perform short excerpts from her dance Girlfriend in various locations throughout the building.

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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