Breaking Rad

A designer at Gray’s School of Art is making waves abroad after creating a collection for a Paris-based fashion start-up.

Fourth year Communication Design student Caterina Bianchini (21), who is originally from Broxburn, outside Edinburgh, has produced a 25-piece collection of sweatshirts and t-shirts called ‘Melted’ for online fashion platform Rad.

The collaboration came about after Caterina decided to approach the company, which has quickly built up a large European following, to ask them to consider her portfolio, being a fan of the collections showcased on the site.

After just a few days of nervous waiting, she received a positive response saying that the company loved her designs.

Caterina said: “I try to create work that portrays relevance between nature and design with psychological reoccurring elements. I am never loyal to any specific technique but try to have a coherent visual literacy throughout my work by sharing reference and exploring similar themes.

“My main aim is to portray visuals to the viewer that create an ambiguity and visceral atmosphere in their mind.”

She added: “I have had a great response to the collection as it is really unisex and could be accepted by a very broad audience. In the first three weeks I sold nearly 200 units and I’m looking forward to the months ahead as I am now in talks about collaborating with another online sweatshirt and tee company.

“The overall experience has been great as it allowed me to establish the design markets I am keen to do further work with and has also given me experience of working professionally.”

Caterina’s collection on Rad

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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