Animation in a Day

Students whilst at Gray’s are given opportunities to try working with all kinds of techniques and materials during the course of their studies.

This goes without saying that frequently the techniques students have to use in the course of a project are new to them, no more so when students are handed an animation project. Now animation is commonly considered to be a long and very labour intensive process, this may well be true, here at Gray’s commonly held wisdom doesn’t stop us from challenging our students to create work within a tight deadline and with only one day for the students to produce and animation from scratch the challenge of learning this new technique is only increased.

This was the challenge that the current first year Communication Design students were set. The students where put into pairs and each set of students given one of three words (evolution, metamorphosis and the phrase A to B) to base their animation on. Through intensive technical support and tuition from members of the Gray’s Technical staff the students were supported in the process of animation, with the duration and quality of work being made within a very restrictive time period surprising both the staff and students.

Here is a selection of the films made by the students, they all hint at great potential for stage two when the students are given further tuition in animation technique and are given projects with weeks not hours to complete their finished short films.

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