Part of the Process


At Gray’s many complex technical process are used in the production of the work undertaken by the staff and students.

Many of these processes have many stages that each in themselves require a level of practice and skill to complete before moving onto the next stage in the making. Most of these processes are purely considered as “par for the course” and once the task is completed little thought is given to that stage in the making as the important thing is the next part of the making process. Most of the time people will only see a finished object, they wont be aware of the many iterations a object has gone through in its journey to becoming a completed object. This is no less true of glass casting, a complex and difficult process that can fail at many different stages resulting the the piece needing to be started again (all the more important to master each stage in the process).

So here we have the breaking of the mold. with any form of casting a mold is created, this is a block of material with a cavity the shape of the finished object within it that holds the material being cast, (metal, Glass, Resin or wax) in the correct shape whilst it cools or sets. Once the casting material has set the mold needs to be removed, in some processes the mold is sacrificial and needs to be broken to free the cast object within.

Here we can see a skilled technician demonstrating the correct way of breaking a mold whilst involving students in this process, as a school with practical demonstration and hands on learning at its core this sort of activity may be everyday and vital in a students learning experience yet may not visible to visitors at the school.IMG_2911IMG_2915

IMG_2918  IMG_2938 IMG_3671 IMG_4906

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