The Build is Nearly Over

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The Build is nearly over, that annual ordeal that turns an Art School into a Gallery, the culmination of four years of labour is nearly over.

And as always it is both the same and different. Walls are built and spaces prepped and painted, this is the same. But the students and the work that is to be housed in the show celebrating their endeavors can never be repeated. Each year is a different as the last, so please enjoy the efforts behind the curtain that go into making his years degree show, just make sure you come and see the finished article and join our students in their one and unique Degree Shows.

Opening times

  • June 21 – 28, 2014

  • Saturday and Sundays, 10.00am – 5.00pm

  • Monday to Friday, 10.00am – 8.00pm

IMG_1613 IMG_1647 IMG_1646 IMG_1636 IMG_1627 IMG_1622 IMG_1621 IMG_1618 IMG_1617 IMG_1603 IMG_1596 IMG_1677 IMG_1674 IMG_1672 IMG_1671 IMG_1663 IMG_1658 IMG_1652 IMG_1648

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