Scarfs drawn form the land

A Stirling textiles student has drawn inspiration from the Scottish landscape to produce her final year collection.

Stephanie Cunningham (23), who is studying Textiles and Surface Design at Gray’s School of Art, has seen her range of scarves go on display as part of the annual Degree Show, which ran until June 28th.

In developing the collection, the former Stirling High School pupil was inspired by landscape photographs she had taken from various places around Scotland, while building a specific colour palette drawn from the work of painters Joan Eardley, Paul Klee and Sonia Delauney.

“The colour in their paintings was what caught my eye,” Stephanie explained. “Colour excites me and I began working in the dye room on making specific shades that I particularly liked. My fourth year project is a development of one that I started the previous year, where I painted in the style of Joan Eardley and zoomed into areas of brush marks and colour that I thought was interesting.

“Landscapes and the nature around me has always been something I am inspired by and I’ve taken numerous photographs over the years of landscape from places I have travelled and all over Scotland.

“Putting this and my painterly brush strokes together has brought me to my final collection which is inspired by artists, mark making and the landscape.”

Stephanie, who hopes to carve out a career in the textile or fashion industry after graduating in July, won a national competition run by Johnstons of Elgin in her third year at Gray’s and spent a week working with the company’s design team.

“I enjoyed the Johnstons project so much,” Stephanie said. “It gave me an insight into a design team and felt it helped me a lot in seeing what the industry is like and how things are developed in companies.

“After completing the placement I decided to expand my Johnstons project because I felt there was so much potential and I hadn’t explored it completely. My placement was only a week long but it gave me that quick burst of motivation to come back to Aberdeen and have my ideas ready.”

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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