Communication Design 2014 Degree Show Part 1

Alex Aitchison

Alex Aitchison 1

Alex Aitchison 2

Josh Carlisle

Josh Carlisle 2 Josh Carlisle 1

Jennifer Humphreys

Jennifer Humphreys 2 Jennifer Humphreys 1Gav Sutherland

Gav Sutherland 2 Gav Sutherland 1Erin Abercrombie

Erin Abercrombie 2 Erin Abercrombie 1Emma Scott

Emma Scott 2 Emma Scott 1Emma Keir

Emma Keir 2 Emma Keir 1Ellis McKenzie

Ellis McKenzie 2 Ellis McKenzie 1Eilidh Dunsire

Eilidh Dunsire 2 Eilidh Dunsire 1David McAllister

David McAllister 3 David McAllister 2 David McAllister 1David Dow

David Dow 2 David Dow 1Chris Preiner

Chris Preiner 2 Chris Preiner 1Chris Moore

Chris Moore 2 Chris Moore 1Caterina Bianchini

Caterina Bianchini 2 Caterina Bianchini 1Ben Dexter

Ben Dexter 2 Ben Dexter 1Becky McIvor

Becky McIvor 2 Becky McIvor 1Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh Brown 2 Ashleigh Brown 1

 Kaja NovsakKaja Novsak 2 Kaja Novsak 1


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