Between Yes and No – Painting Tutor Exhibition

Between yes and No 1

Gray’s School of Art is the most Northerly Art School in the UK, two degrees latitudinally above Moscow and two below Oslo, proper north.

This hasn’t stopped three of the painting tutors here at Gray’s from showing their work work south of us in the north of England at York College. The show of work by Keith Grant, Andrew Cranston and Peter Chalmers showcases the variation of styles and range of interests within the painting staff that have helped create the rich and vibrant Painting department here are Gray’s.

The show titled Between Yes and No explores the spaces, physically and psychologically that the environment of the north that Gray’s calls home proves both useful and stimulating for this trio of artists. All three artists affirm painting as its own kind of space, a construct that allows them to condense and control elements within boundaries.

The show is open to the public from the

8th of September to the 23rd of October

More details can be found on the York College website

Between yes and No 2 Between Yes and No 4

Between Yes and No 12

Between Yes and No 10

 Keith Grant

Between Yes and No 6

Between yes and No 7

Andrew Cranston

Between Yes and No 13 Between Yes and No 8Peter Chalmers

Between Yes and No 3 Between Yes and No 9

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  1. Fine Art says:

    Some interesting pieces

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