Jon Reid Guest Blog – Eryn Inglis & Caitlin Hynes Degree Show


Jon Reid is a regular face on the Aberdeen scene, if there is a cultural event or happening then chances are, he’s there and if he likes it he Blog’s about it.

His Blog Dancing in the Dark (if you aren’t a regular visitor then you should be) has been documenting the wide and varied goings on in Aberdeen’s creative community. he has written about lots of people form the Gray’s family and it makes perfect sense that Jon became our first Guest Blogger. So without further ado, Jon talks us through two of his standout highlights from this years Degree Show. Enjoy.



Eryn Inglis & Caitlin Hynes – Grays School of Art Degree Show 2014

It seems like an age ago that we sat on the bus heading over to Grays School of Art to see the 2014 Degree Show, the highlight of the creative year for many and a chance for me to film some interesting stuff for work. Alas a change of jobs has meant I don’t get to spend as much time admiring the work and meeting the new graduates.

But I made a special effort to catch up with two graduates who’s work stood out. Caitlin is by far one of the most original talents to come out of Aberdeen in recent years with a distinctive style all her own and original ideas which have taken her on a rather manic journey. Focusing on female gangs, her work is infused with bright and brash colours, faces seem to be melting off the walls but treading a fine line between the macabre and the fun. Check out the short video about her degree show and ideas behind her work below!

From Sculpture I really enjoyed Eryn Inglis pieces, combining the security chains more commonly seen on shopping trolleys with some choice logs made for an interesting juxtaposition of closed versus open, chains or freedom, tied together with a distinctive shade of yellow. Also the tree’s age old enemy the saw, looked on, menacing, rusted, silent. Again you can check out a short video of Eryn’s work below along with some stills. You can also check out another piece I did on her here.

Other students work which I enjoyed were the dreamy soft paintings of Julie – Ann Simpson, Catherine Ross beautiful landscapes and Ben Martins kinetic suspension piece looked cool. There was a lot of good work from painting and print making but a lot of the artists don’t have websites so that’s that!

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