Card Board Cut Outs


First year students building big things in this years Object Project.

First year students are tasked with all sorts of things, many of which seam a little unusual to the new students who are still finding their feet in art school, the Object Project is no different. Students are tasked with building large models out of corrugated card of everyday objects, they then have to place these int he school and use them as the subject matter for a series of drawings. This feeds into a series of drawings classes and exercises students will complete throughout their first year with us, teaching the thought processes behind mark making as well as traditional visualization and draftsmanship.

QC4A1360 QC4A1380

QC4A1302 QC4A1312 QC4A1405 QC4A1429 QC4A1532 QC4A1539 QC4A1742 QC4A1757

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