Students supported by Aberdeen Weavers

Two fashion and textiles students at Gray’s School of Art have been recognised for their talent by a trade body in Aberdeen.

L-R Rebecca Shaw, Ian Dale and Michelle HayThe Weavers Incorporation, one of the seven incorporated trades of Aberdeen, have presented two outstanding students on the course with Educational Enhancement Awards, with Michelle Hay (21) and Rebecca Shaw (22) winning this year’s prizes.

Michelle, who is now in the final year of her degree, was presented with the Kilgour Medal, a certificate of excellence and £600, while third year student Rebecca took home a certificate of commendation and the runners’ up prize of £300.

The awards, which are judged on the basis of a submitted portfolio, go towards helping the students fund either a piece of equipment or a trip that will enhance their education.

Michelle, whose portfolio was based around Grimm’s fairy tales, said: “Winning the Educational Enhancement Award has benefited me greatly already and I am proud to have been a part of such a great award. So far it has allowed me to further my research by purchasing specific yarns for my final collection for my 4th year honours degree.

“In addition, it has helped to fund a research trip to London in December and some replacement equipment for my own knitting machine which has been a massive help to me and I am extremely grateful to the Weavers Incorporation for this.”

Rebecca, who is from Dundee, said she had applied for the award to practice presenting her work and writing a proposal.

Photo by Rebecca ShawShe said: “When I found out I had actually won the runner up prize I was so honoured as The Weavers Incorporation is a group of extremely talented people and I felt so pleased that they had judged my work as good enough to win something.”

Rebecca’s project was inspired by a group of street dancers, with the movement she had captured in photographs and drawings translated to a final garment.

“I was unsure for most of the project what I wanted to produce as my final garment, but I knew I wanted it to reflect the movement of the dancers,” she explained. “I then thought about using weaving as it is a technique that I have always loved, so I decided to create a hand woven men’s gilet. It took a full week to make but I was very pleased with the outcome.”

Rebecca has purchased herself a small eight shaft travel loom with her prize to become more experience in the technique.

Ian Dale, Deacon of the Weavers Incorporation, said: “Both portfolios of work from Michelle and Rebecca clearly laid out the design development and were supported with the production of images and samples that were of a high standard.

“The written submissions were clear and concise laying out what the monetary prize would do for them in terms of their portfolio development and how they intended to use these funds if successful with their applications.”

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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