Andy Cranston at Ulster University Festival of Art & Design

Gray’s Painting tutor Andy Cranston is giving a talk as part of the Ulster University Festival of Art & Design.

  1. Tuesday 10 March
  2. 13:00
  3. Ulster University, Belfast Campus, York St.
  1. Book A Ticket (£6.00/3.00)

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Andrew Cranston completed a MA from Royal College of Art in 1996. He lives and works in Glasgow whilst teaching at Gray’s school of Art in Aberdeen.

His work uses interior space as the foundation for his images and uses fiction as his source material. All kinds of everyday phenomena provide the impetus for his paintings: passages and characters from literature, film stills, jokes, the scenarios of an anecdote, and all manner of interior spaces, real and imagined. He describes himself as a ‘storyteller of sorts, staging observed and imaginary scenarios that often involve the human figure, engaged and absorbed in particular activities.’ He paints either in large or very small formats the latter often using multiple hardback book covers which he works on simultaneously as the individual layers of varnish dry.

He is interested in the connection of painting with other disciplines. In 2012 he produced a poster for John Maclean’s short film ‘Pitch Black Heist’. Over the past five years alone, he has had solo shows throughout the UK, in Europe and the USA.

For more details on the festival please visit their website.

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