Painting Pre Degree show

Final year painting students from Gray’s School of Art at Robert Gordon University (RGU), will host an interim exhibition of their work in Edinburgh in March.

Gray's Painting pre-degree show 2015The exhibition, which is wholly organised and curated by the fourth year painting students, will be held from Saturday, March 7 to Friday, March 20 in Gallery 1, The Edinburgh Palette, St. Margaret’s House.

It is the fifth consecutive year that the event has been held in the venue, offering the public the chance to view the students’ work before their Degree Show in June.

Keith Grant, Head of Painting at Gray’s, said: “It can be difficult sometimes for a student in their Honours year to gain perspective on how their work is progressing, when the only opportunity that they have to make a critical judgement takes place within the confines of their studio.

“In this respect the experience of taking their work to Edinburgh has proved invaluable.

“Taking ownership of the exhibition and hanging their work in a different context is instrumental in them being able to establish a true picture of their progress to date.”

Painting student Heather Macinnes (21) added: “There are 21 of us exhibiting this year at St Margaret’s House and we are all greatly looking forward to it as it is the first time we will be exhibiting as a year group.

“It is an exciting prospect as we get to show our work to a new audience down in Edinburgh and it will hopefully be a glimpse into what might be shown at the Degree Show later this year in Aberdeen.”

Heather explained: “There is a diverse range of work which will be on show all exploring the relevance of painting in a contemporary art context.

“Some of the work exhibited will explore concepts of the overlooked, space, the materiality of paint, religion and the subconscious.”

The event launches on Friday, March 6 from 6pm-9pm and is open to the public from Saturday, March 7 until Saturday, March 21. Opening hours are Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm.

*Find out more by visiting the Gray’s Painters 2015 Facebook page and Twitter account

Release by
Caitlin O’Callaghan

Communications Office | Placement Student

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