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Every city has an image, a preconceived idea that comes to mind when you hear its name, Aberdeen is no different.

But like most of our preconceptions Aberdeen manages to prove them wrong, that’s what students frequently find when they make the move to Aberdeen to study here at Gray’s School of Art.

Recent Graduates Kate Benzie and Callum Grant share their experiences of coming and to study in Aberdeen, what they found and what surprised them.

So you’re thinking of studying here….

you’ve been to the open days and you  like the look of the school, but want to find out more about Aberdeen and what it means to be a student here.

Well for a start, you’ll be in good company; Aberdeen has a student population of over 25,000, and that size of population shapes a place. Compared to other cities, Aberdeen is very student friendly, with a vibrant student community and night life.

With strong transport links, it’s easy to get to anywhere else in the UK, even although we are the most northerly art school in the UK.

Being so far north also has its advantages, most notably the ease of access to the Cairngorm National Park and all the sports and activities that this incredible natural playground has to offer.  Beyond, it is a short journey to Lochaber, and Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest mountain, with both ranges offering amazing snowsports, hiking, biking and more.

Closer to home, Aberdeen and RGUnion have lots to offer, from snow sports to climbing, and clubs and societies, with some amazing locations only a short bus journey away.

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Within the city there is a vibrant night life and cultural scene encompassing everything from visual art to music to theatre. The city boasts venues like The Lemon Tree and The Music Hall, with gallery spaces like Peacock Visual Arts, meaning there is very rarely an evening without some form of performance or event to enjoy.

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All this comes together to make an exciting and vibrant city, which gives a truly unique student experience.

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  1. Richard says:

    Whats “grim up north” got to with Aberdeen? Why try to make a positive out of a negative that doesn’t exist in the first place? Thats Sheffield etc’s problem to sort out.

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