Graduates in Residence Exhibition at Gray’s

The recently announced winner of Scotland’s newest art prize will unveil a special exhibition at Gray’s School of Art this week, alongside three other young north-east artists.

Caitlin Hynes, Daniel Massie, Ben Martin and Sophie WillBen Martin, who picked up the £10,000 Glenfiddich Residency Prize at the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries exhibition this month, will see his work on display at the art school alongside Sophie Will, Daniel Massie and Caitlin Hynes. The exhibition will run until Saturday, April 4.

The quartet, all of whom graduated from Gray’s last year, have spent the last year as Contemporary Art Practice Graduates in Residence at the art school.

Allan Watson, Head of Fine Art at Gray’s, said: “The graduate-in-residence scheme operates across all of our courses at Gray’s and is a way for the School to support recent graduates in that very difficult ‘first year out of art school’.

“In return, the GiRs, as they are known, contribute significantly to the dynamics of our studios, acting as role models to the undergraduate students through their commitment to making art and desire to develop as artists.”

Sculpture graduate Ben said: “The RSA show went really well, better than I ever expected. Some really amazing opportunities have come from it, with the Fleming Collection show coming up and the residency at Glendfiddich in late May. The hard work has paid off, but there’s more hard work to be done.”

He added: “I use rope and steel to draw in a three dimensional space and the work in the show at Gray’s is again a development of the line and weight work. I’m always trying to develop the work and add and subtract things, only if they are necessary. I am trying to move the work forward, but carefully and not forcing it.”

Printmaking graduate Caitlin, who picked up the Carnegie Scholarship prize at the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition, uses her work to explore the idea of pilgrimage.

She said: “The work I’m putting in is an exploration of merging 2D with 3D and features a large series of drawings using shrine like objects. It shows my development experimenting with different mediums.

“I am interested in people – the things we do, think, say and how we carry ourselves in our private and public lives. I like to imagine situations when these both collide.”

Caitlin added: “I’m most excited about presenting my work along with the other three GiRs who are good friends and seeing how our work interacts and compliments each other.”

Sophie, who is a printmaking graduate, will be displaying a series of paper based prints, observational drawings and objects which are the result of seeking her own direct relationship to deep space.

“These have been made through direct research and observations of the subject and in many ways are a by-product of hands-on experience with stargazing and events within the celestial calendar,” she explained.

Sophie added: “It’s been great to continue my practice from Honours year within the school. I’ve enjoyed sharing a studio with the other Graduates in Residence – it’s great to be around like minded people, and to share our support around the school.

“I think it will be interesting to view these works in a fresh context during the exhibition, especially as we all make work within different areas and themes. Personally, I have been looking forward to showing works from projects which are still in progress.”

Banchory-based artist Daniel, another sculpture graduate, will be showing a video installation and text piece, which stems from his interest in cinema, particular American narratives.

Talking about his time as a graduate in residence, he said: “It’s been really interesting to get a different perspective on the art school, the changing relationships with staff when you move from student to resident.

“It’s been rewarding and fulfilling. It’s been great to help others students where I can, utilising my interests and skills to help them.”
The exhibition runs at Gray’s School of Art until Saturday, April 4.

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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