Painting Pre Degree Show 2015

Pre degree show’s are funny old things.

They can be as diverse as the students themselves, which is no surprise really. For some it is the first foray into exhibiting their work, a dry run at and lessons learnt for the all important degree a few short months later.

For others it is a stepping up of their game, the next in a already impressive line of exhibitions, held off site and treated as a fully fledged commercial show.

For the painters here at Gray’s the pre degree show is just the next in a long line of works exhbited and paintings hung. it has been held in a gallery in Edinburgh for the past few years so presents particular logistical challenges that the students must solve to complete the task of producing a professional level art show.

And no self respecting exhibition would be without a private view and a glass of wine well earnt.

And of Course the work itself.

The Hang 4 Amy Dobbie Anna Ondicova The Hang 3 (Emily Hill) The Hang 2 The Hang 1 Sally Duguid Laura Porteous Nabila Attar Neda Ghaffar Gemma Travers Didi Jellema Craig Lee

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