David McDiarmid – Projection Exhibition

Recent Graduate set to unveil an ambitious new site specific installation as part of a solo exhibition in Edinburgh.

David McDiarmid 1Painting graduate, David McDiarmid (24), will unveil the culmination of his last three years’ of research as part of Projection, an exhibition featuring a large-scale projection of miniature scale models.

Through his work, David examines the concept of megalomania in architecture, looking at the means by which the built environment is often purposefully designed, constructed and used as a tool for power and propaganda.

“Many of my paintings and models play with ideas of scale and form, taking inspiration from historical examples of power architecture in order to depict ambitious plans and proposals for structures which will never exist in reality.

“Scaffolding is a recurring motif in my work, its significance derived from its paradoxical position as both a fundamentally temporary structure, and its irrevocable status throughout the history of construction, where conceptually it time and again outlasts the permanent structures derived from it. “

In producing his work, David incorporates materials and processes typically associated with architecture and construction. He often paints on surfaces cast with cement, plaster or concrete, juxtaposing them with precious materials such as gold leaf and faux marble to further explore the artifice of grandeur.

He added: “The installation and presentation of my paintings and models in an exhibition is also an integral consideration when developing my work, as I think this can have a key impact on influencing how the viewer responds behaviourally or emotionally, in a similar way to the way in which the architecture of power is designed to make us respond in a particular way.”

David McDiarmid 2David graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2013, relocating to Glasgow where he set up his own studio along with the founders of Visual Artist Unit (VAU), a Glasgow-based art collective.

He has since had his work exhibited across the country including at the Royal Scottish Academy’s New Contemporaries exhibition and a solo exhibition at the Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, both in 2014.

“My subject matter hasn’t actually changed too much from what I was researching while at Gray’s,” David said. “In fact, the new site specific installation I’m presenting for this show was originally an early idea for my Degree Show.

“What has changed is the scope and ambition of the work. Most recently I’ve been working across different disciplines – mixing the likes of printmaking with casting, and painting by engraving cast surfaces of cement and plaster and inlaying them with the likes of faux marble.”

He added: “This show is a retrospective of sorts focusing on my research into the power of architecture, and will feature some works which appeared in my Degree Show alongside new works made specifically for the gallery space.

“I am excited to see the whole body of work presented together for the first time, and to see how the viewer responds to it.”

Running from April 10 to 25, the exhibition will be held in Interview Room 11, 38 Castle Terrace, Edinburgh.

Release by
Jenny Rush

Communications Officer | Design and Technology

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