BONUS POST – Dogs of New York!

Never mind Humans of New York Time for NYC’s dog’s to take center stage and share their stories.

Dogs of NYC 3

“This Sweater? my person made it, its pretty warm but I don’t want to hurt their feelings by not wearing it. They’re pretty nice but don’t like plastic bags on newspapers so I carry it for him”

Dogs of NYC 1

“Who said that? I can hear voices but I don’t know where you are?! You better not be in my head again!?!”
Dogs of New York 5
“Pearl has to stand on the left and Me on the right”
“Some times we swap our name tags to confuse our person for bants”

Dogs of New York 4

“The bow tie is only for formal occasions usually but I try to make an effort for St Paddy’s, am I Irish? No Pennsylvanian Dutch, but you have to make the effort for the parade when you live in New York.”
Dogs of NYC 2
“I better not get a ticket, I’ve had 4 this week! Now that’s harassment!”


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