World Pinhole Camera Day

natasha macbeth car park

April 26th, 2015 was world Pinhole camera day, and Gray’s had a pop up workshop to celebrate on Friday the 24th.

Darkroom technician Anne Campbell who is a frequent pinhole photographer within her own practice and Photography Studio Technician Fiona Stephen, hosted a popup workshop. Set in the front foyer of Gray’s it allowed students and staff the opportunity to experiment with pinhole.


Pinholes cameras are the simplest form of camera, they consist purely of a light tight box with a single tiny pin hole that acts as the cameras lens. As such they are incredibly easy to make and can be made out of almost anything.

Their simplicity betrays the potential they have for image making, a properly constructed camera with a well timed exposure can result in an image that can be hard to tell was not created with a conventional camera.

When the photography fates move in different ways than what you would hope, the resulting images can be both unpredictable whilst also being incredibly beautiful.

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