MOC Guest Blog – In Between Outcomes’ Gray’s Graduates in Residence 2015!

The Graduates in Residence show popped up and just as quickly disappeared a few weeks back but I managed to get some quick shots while the artists were finishing off the install.

The Graduates in Residence programme is a great opportunity for alumni students to continue developing their work post degree show and is a highly coveted prize. This years group is made up by award winning sculptor Ben Martin, one of my personal favourites Caitlin Hynes, print maker princess of darkness Sophie Will and multidisciplinary artists Daniel Massie.

Each resident stands out through the strength of their work and the distinctive traits of their practice. I think many students must struggle to really develop their own style within their chosen field and these 4 are exemplary with strong visual qualities from Caitlins distinctive characters and colour palette to Daniel’s jarring video loops (does anyone else get goose bumps from Goodbye Horses?). Sophie’s Solar Eclipse specs are like a long lost sought after piece of vintage ephemera and Ben’s intricate lines to me form less of a spiders web and hold more of an architectural presence, inhabiting space in very interesting and unusual manner.

With the Grays Degree show looming the art school will be going into over drive as studios are broken down and walls are painted and the Graduates will have finally to face life post art school, a daunting prospect if your planning to stay in Aberdeen as a lack of affordable studio space can inhibit ones ability to develop new work but with each year I see step change, a bit more resilience to stay and make Aberdeen work and with some plans afoot for new artist led studio spaces now might just be the best time to be leaving Grays.

Well done to the Graduates in Residence for an enjoyable show, hopefully you can get a taste of it in the video and stills below and keep an eye on Caitlin who will be showing more new work at her Graduate Award show at Smart Gallery in June!

Grays Graduates stills131

Jon Reid Mood of Collapse Dancing in the DarkJon Reid is a regular face on the Aberdeen scene, if there is a cultural event or happening then chances are, he’s there and if he likes it he Blog’s about it.

His Blog Dancing in the Dark (if you aren’t a regular visitor then you should be) has been documenting the wide and varied goings on in Aberdeen’s creative community. he has written about lots of people form the Gray’s family and it makes perfect sense that Jon is a Guest Blogger.

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