Mondrian Inspired Show

A renowned European painter inspired Perth artist Laura Porteous to create a thought-provoking final year exhibition at the Gray’s School of Art annual Degree Show.

Perth artist Laura Porteous.Laura (22) drew inspiration from Dutch painter Pieter Mondrian to challenge the concepts of time and space with four colourful canvas pieces.

The former Perth Academy pupil will graduate from Robert Gordon University (RGU) in July with a degree in Painting and recently put the finishing touches to her final year exhibition.

Laura said: “Mondrian is a great influence within my work and my interest in the subject of spatialism. His limited use of colour in its purest form is clean and bold as he only uses primary colours blue, red and yellow as well as black and white.

Laura Porteous painting

Laura Porteous

“This is something I have adopted this year as it allowed me to focus on other aspects of my work such as the effects of different materials and the process used to apply and manipulate them.

“Comprehending space and the fourth dimension, if it in fact exists, are key to my work and encourage the viewer to consider the physical mass materials consume. Producing a work that can demonstrate age, or become a time-based piece that transforms throughout its life is something I was keen to create.”

Laura isn’t the only person to draw inspiration from Mondrian. Famous designer Yves Saint Laurent made a collection of Mondrian dresses in 1965. More recently, Nike released a range of shoes in 2008 which were influenced by the artists iconic paintings.

Gray’s School of Art Degree Show 2015, sponsored by BP, showcased a range of undergraduate talent across a range of disciplines including 3D and product design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, fashion and textiles, graphics, digital media, visual communication, photography and electronic media.

Release by
Ross Anderson

Communications Officer | Health and Sport

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