Vivian Ross Smith “Erosions”

Since Graduating in 2013 Painter Vivian Ross Smith has been one of the founding members of artists collective Visual Artist Unit (VAU) whilst also developing her practice.

Ross-Smith has exhibited widely in Scotland and Finland with pieces being held mostly in Private Collections. Following a large scale commissioned work for Knight Property, which explored Aberdeen’s granite history; Ross-Smith has been focused on exploring geology and the land through her art practice. Her tactile, surface based works study our natural world, especially relating to extreme and remote locations.

2013 Painting Graduate Vivian Ross-Smith speaks with Head of Painting, Keith Grant, about her time at Gray’s, her Erasmus educational exchange to the University of Applied Arts in Turku, Finland, and the commission that she was awarded to produce a Painting for the foyer of the BlueSky Business Space in Westhill, Aberdeen.

In a new series of works titled “Erosions” Ross-Smith considers sustainability and human impact on the land. As the results of climate change become apparent, Vivian explores how these issues are being addressed, glorified or even ignored.

Manipulating materials such as wood, metal, crystal and concrete she compare’s our natural environment with human existence. Decaying materials sit alongside clean lines to add stark contrast and ask the viewer to consider humankinds modern relationship with the land.

The textural work deconstructs land formations, which are playing host to silhouettes of towering turbines. The structures can be viewed as a visual reminder that we cannot ignore the impact we are having on our natural landscape.

The body of work which forms her first large solo show can be viewed at the Newave Gallery in Aberdeen.

Vivian leaflet proposal

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