Anne Dubos

Guests @ Gray's

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Friday 13th November 2015 at 1.00pm
Lecture Theatre SB42
Garthdee House Annexe 

Towards an ecology of gestures

What is a gesture? And how can we map its change in space and time?

One of the key aims of my research is to experiment with different media creating an interstice between the arts, technology, and sciences in various performance contexts.

In this lecture, I will discuss how traditional gestures and techniques can help us to trace future and design new perspectives for future creation / creators. I will show some particular examples of my research, supported by audiovisual documentation. I tend to generate maps of body movement.

My research aims to trace new theatrical practices and scenographic techniques that have been developed through the interplay of a local “native” theatre and contemporary performance aesthetics whilst also offering overview of contemporary malayalee productions. Currently, I conduct a double research project between social anthropology…

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