Develop North

Looking back on shows and exhibitions is an important part of an artists practice, reflecting on the success and weaknesses of past projects is vital for progression and to make better stronger work in future.

The same goes for Gray’s as a school, so here are some installation images from the Develop North Photo festival, The festival had a variety of workshops and talks as well as some exhibitions of photographic works. these shows all employed traditional darkroom or alternative practices in the creation of the prints.

Steve Macleod NIL

‘Nil’ is so titled to represent the census return after World War 1 in which lists of surviving WW1 soldiers would read ‘Nil’ indicating soldiers that sadly never returned to their remote Highland settlements. Consequently many communities dependent on able-bodied young men to work the land could not support themselves, whole families migrated to the towns and the sea leaving behind the remnants of their previous lives.

The inspiration for this dramatic collection of images which Caithness born Macleod has gathered over a number of years, has arisen directly from the literary works of one the most influential Scottish writers of the early twentieth century, Neil M Gunn, who was also born in Caithness. The images document a journey through the rural landscape of the Highlands, conveying a passing and the relationship man has with the historical, cultural and industrial past and present.

A graduate of Gray’s Steve has been at the forefront of photographic imaging for over 20 years, collaborating with a vast network of clients.  He is internationally recognised as one of the most creative photographic practitioners of his generation and is represented exclusively by Atlas Gallery in London.

Callum Kellie Lets Play Darts

Drive, motivation, community, family, friends, conversation, brilliant banter and spectacular bouts of mental arithmetic. This long lead documentary project followed the Brig of Dee darts team and the wider darts community in Aberdeen on their journey through the local darts leagues and meets. Sharing in the highs and drama of the matches through the darts calendar leading up to the Granite City Open that takes place every July.

Documenting the meets through photography, video and interview this body of work was funded by Aberdeen City Council as a means of engaging with the community through documentary photography

Phil Thomson Mono 68

‘Mono 68’ features a series of black and white photographs shot in Dundee in 1968 whilst Phil Thomson was a student at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. Phil observes, “The images are a snapshot of Dundee and its inhabitants, in transition from the post-war austerity years to the brave new world of flyovers, shopping centres and tower-blocks. I was aiming to capture the social and urban characteristics of the period – a pronounced gender divide in the workplace, the street as playground, graffiti as an emerging means of expressing identity, personal transactions rather than digital interactions and the nature of inner-city transport. They give a distinct feeling of a lost world, almost a sense of lost innocence”

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