MOC Guest Post – “FUNCY”

After cycling up to the Suttie Art Space to see ‘4 BIT’ I made my way down to Unit 1b Deemouth Business Centre, which is right next to where the old Limousine Bull space used to be. It was great to pull in and be met by a load of friendly faces milling about out side the metal shutters, nicely adorned with the word ‘Funcy’.

What lay inside was a warren of cool spaces and great art! Each of the artists has been featured on the blog before with Caitlin, Ben & Daniel working previously as the Graduates in Residence at Grays in 2015. Laura also happened to be Graduate in Residence in 2016 and now we find them all working under one roof.

It was suprising to see new work from Laura after the amount of effort that went into her Graduate in Residence show just a few months ago. Her distinctive large scale work was matched with a fine selection of smaller pieces, almost microscopic compared to her usual scale and yet they contained the same subtlety and beauty. Next up Ben has shown the value of his studio space with the development of 3 new pieces which explore the use of materials and heavy metals. Daniel continues to blur the lines between film critic and artist with a display of his academic writing and literary breakdowns of opening scenes from a selection of movies. Rounding out the group is Caitlin with her immersive world of pastel coloured mutants and creatures.

It was great to see so many faces turn out for the show and also to be in a new space. Its great to have the established galleries and studios but there’s something fun about having to google maps a place, not knowing exactly what you will find. The show only ran for a few days and is now closed but I’m sure there will be something new in the pipeline soon, these guys don’t seem to be able to stop and that can only be a good a thing!


Jon Reid Mood of Collapse Dancing in the DarkJon Reid is a regular face on the Aberdeen scene, if there is a cultural event or happening then chances are, he’s there and if he likes it he Blog’s about it.

His Blog Dancing in the Dark (if you aren’t a regular visitor then you should be) has been documenting the wide and varied goings on in Aberdeen’s creative community. he has written about lots of people form the Gray’s family and it makes perfect sense that Jon is a Guest Blogger.

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