Mixed Staff Exhibition 2016

The Staff at Gray’s are as varied and multi skilled a group of people you are likely to find.

Staff who teach or support in one area usually have skills that reach beyond that field of creative practice into another. Staff who are thought of as lecturers in art theory are in fact fine artists, Design tutors are in fact developing public sports projects as a catalyst for social change.

One thing that is certain, a staff members personal practice whilst being vitally important for keeping our skills current has no bearing on how we guide our students. A students personal interests and field of study is the main guide of how we help our students develop as artists, designers and makers.

As such, students are rarely exposed to the staff’s personal practices. So to welcome the students back to another year at Gray’s, the staff held a show of our personal work so students can see what us staffers here get up to in our own studios!

Gavin Burnett – Glass and Ceramics Technician
Rebecca Westguard – Short Courses Coordinator


Lyndsey Gilmor – Painting Lecturer
Libby Curtis – Deputy Head of School


Lenny Smith – Head of Undergraduate Studies
Anne Campbell – Photographic Darkroom Technician
Elaine Gowans – Stage 1 Fashion and Textiles Tutor
Jim Hamlyn – Contemporary Art Practice Tutor
Craig Ellis – Head of First year
Cameron Campbell – Contemporary and Critical Studies Lecturer
Jon Pengelly – Head of Course for Masters
Allan Gallagher – Fashion & Textiles tutor
Andy Cranston – Painting Tutor
Callum Kellie – Audio Visual technician

Charlie Hackett – Fashion & Textiles tutor
Mari Simpson – Communication Design tutor
Keith Grant – Head of Painting
Cameron Craddock – Course head for Communication Design
Malcolm McKie – Wood & metal workshop technician

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  1. Heather Dickson says:

    Looks great.

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