Research Exhibition

Research at Gray’s takes place across the creative disciplines and a very broad thematic range of subjects has been tackled in the show.


This week in the foyer, and on the first floor of Gray’s School of Art, there has been an exhibition of the work of staff and student researchers.

Charlie Hackett’s installation


Research at Gray’s takes place across the creative disciplines and a very broad thematic range of subjects has been tackled in the show. Charlie Hackett’s enagaging installation on the ground floor invites responses to the issues raised by the European referendum in June and the subsequent political fall out. Jim Hamlyn’s powerpoint presentation talks through issues of image making and related knowledge, whilst other presentation considers material in fashion and research issues in design.

On the first floor, visitors can see works by Fine Art staff including Michael Agnew’s prints, and emerging work by David Blyth and painting lecturer Andrew Cranston. There is a research timeline of the development of Professor Anne Douglas’ work since the turn of the century, with her longstanding focus on the role of the artist and the artwork within the community, including recent insights into recent work on the Artist as Leader programme together with Chris Fremantle and Dr. Jon Price.


Student work is represented on the top floor by the presentation of Caroline Gausden’s new website focuising on feminist manifestos and politics, and Maja Zećo’s video installation giving an impression of her recent performance at the Sonada sound art festival at the Anatomy Rooms in Aberdeen.

A final innovation is found in the Research Listening Booth, where some of the exhibitors explain, in around four minutes, the context and development of their research in greater detail. These files will be added to indvidual profiles in the coming weeks, on this website, for visitors to hear.


Research at Grays intervenes in a broad spectrum of pressing questions, across the creative disciplines; from the role of the artist in the community, to the transformations experienced by creatives and creativity in Late Capitalism, to public engagement. This small show is just a snapshot of recent research developments at our school. Crucially, the lessons of this research activity are fed into undergraduate and masters teaching, to the benefit of all of our students.


The exhibition is open to the public and runs until tomorrow (Friday 7 October). Exhibitors: Michael Agnew, Jon Blackwood, David Blyth, Hilal Bugali, Andrew Cranston, Anne Douglas, Sue Fairburn, Caroline Gausden, Nil Gulari, Charlie Hackett, Jim Hamlyn, Andrea Peach, Nuria Sánchez, Josie Steed, Maja Zećo

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