MOC Guest Post – ‘1-2-3’ at Hatch!


Hatch is a new design space and company based on Belmont Street. The brain child of Lewis Fraser aka @Shiningpie and Lewis aka @Funkadunkalunk the duo aim to highlight the need for a more dedicated design space as its fair to say there’s a lot of places to see fine and contemporary art but graphic design is still lacking. So taking up residence in the top floor of the Nandos building, the space they have acquired is rather large and open. Its the kind of space many a creative would chew an arm off to get into and with some help from colleagues at RGU Hatch have done just that!

Their launch event brought together a selection of work from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year design students from Gray’s School of Art. I only discovered the Hatch instagram via a friend and was interested in finding out what its all about. So after a slight detour and a wrong turn I finally found the entrance nestled between some market stalls. The walls were plastered with a range of film posters for The Grand Budapest Hotel and Blade Runner, one of my personal favourite films of all time! The posters were printed at the Make Lab in Seventeen using their new state of the art surface printer. Combining design with new technologies, the show was a marriage of elements. Although it still just looked like posters on a wall to me.

However the 3D printed photos of the students that adorned a table in the far corner did hint more at the level of collaboration between technologies at play. You may have seen articles online showcasing life like miniature figures of real people, well it looks like this technology has arrived in Aberdeen. On a more serious note one of the great things about the show is that it brought work which would only be visible to students and staff at the art school is now being seen by anyone who dares to walk into Hatch. Although the space still needs some work its quite a revelation to have a space like it in the city centre and in one of the best locations. The Offset57 programme from a few years back was a delight, bringing design talks, work shops and a real life shop into the city centre and it looks like Hatch is aiming to follow that blue print, maybe minus the shop aspect but it could be a real game changer if all goes to plan. It might be pipe dreams to invisage a space like South Block or SWG3 in Aberdeen but with the current economy now is as good a time as any to try!

This Saturday past saw them host their second event with the ‘No Ball Games’ show followed by design talks by Warriors Studio, Lateral North and Aberdeen’s own Forty Two Studio. I wasn’t able to attend the talks but did get down to the No Ball Games show and snapped a load of snaps which ill share asap. Its no easy task to get something like this going in Aberdeen and they’ve done well to get to this point but its important that people support such new ventures, especially the design students. Visibility is key to any new venture and a new space whether its design or a multi user space is worth shouting about so here’s hoping the voices get louder and Hatch can build on the success of its first few events!

To find out more about Hatch or if you have a proposal for a show or event you can follow them onFacebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Jon Reid Mood of Collapse Dancing in the DarkJon Reid is a regular face on the Aberdeen scene, if there is a cultural event or happening then chances are, he’s there and if he likes it he Blog’s about it.

His Blog Dancing in the Dark (if you aren’t a regular visitor then you should be) has been documenting the wide and varied goings on in Aberdeen’s creative community. he has written about lots of people form the Gray’s family and it makes perfect sense that Jon is a Guest Blogger.

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