Painting Graduates to Showcase Their Work at Seventeen Gallery

The Seventeen Gallery on Belmont Street is to showcase the work of three recent Painting graduates from Robert Gordon University’s (RGU) Gray’s School of Art.

Paolo Doyle, Luke Vinnicombe and Craig Duncan have received various awards for their work since their graduation from Gray’s in 2016 and this will be the first time that they have exhibited their work together.

The exhibition, which is entitled “Playing Real”, will run from the 7th to the 31st of March.

Photo Poster Big

The exhibition explores different perceptions of reality, with each of the artists taking a distinct approach to the subject through their painting. In the process they have created humorous fictions, probed socio-political ideas and explored the non-objective.

Speaking of the event, exhibitor Paolo Doyle, said: “Superficially, the outcomes may appear diverse between the three of us, but what we share is the conviction that Painting remains a valid means to express aspects of our notions of reality.

“We have worked extremely hard on the work exhibited and are very proud to showcase it to the public.”

Each of the artists have now set up their own studios with Craig and Paolo based in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire respectively and Luke Vinnicombe working in Edinburgh.

Keith Grant, Subject Leader in Painting at Gray’s School of Art said: “It is always encouraging to see recent graduates from the school doing so well and starting to realise their potential.

“The exhibition sounds fascinating and I am looking forward to seeing what they have produced since their graduation.”

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