Helmsdale – Photography Residential


Darkroom and Photography technicians Anne Campbell and Fiona Stephen recently took students on an analogue photography trip to Helmsdale.


Situated on the east coast of Sutherland, the village played host to five students who stayed at the old Helmsdale Train station. Darkroom technician Anne Campbell has helped to establish a community darkroom within part of the old station, which acted as the base for the residential workshop. The invitational trip was a space for students to develop their photography practices and explore the darkroom as a space too do this.


The students were taken on photo taking trips to prominent local locations as well as given the space to explore and let themselves respond to the location.


All of this was centred around the darkroom in the Train station house, where students had the space and intensive tuition to progress their photo printing and making skillsets.


The students themselves came with a variety of interests and backgrounds from CAP to Painting but all of them use photography as a central pillar of their emerging practices. Hopefully the intensive nature of the trip will help to further grow the passion and output of these students photographic work.


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